Strutfoot Support Systems

Our Strutfoot support system is designed around a UNISTRUT Framework, which provide strength & convenience for cable management installation. There is cross compatibility with all Unistrut type brackets and the system allows for a fast & economical systems for mounting M&E services, HVAC air conditioning & refrigeration and also Solar PV panels on flat roofs. It is easy to install for individual products or complete installations. There is no penetration of waterproof membrane on the flat roof due to the innovative manufacture of the feet & blocks. The system allows for standard & bespoke configurations in the design of your support structure. There are Anti-Vibration pads pre-attached to the feet and these feet are also available separately. The design of the Strutfoot support system gives sufficient clearance which facilitates safe access to the runs of pipe, cable containment racking, ducts and roof waterproofing underneath the chiller, for maintenance and renewal.

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The Strutfoot system is ideal for any flat roof HVAC chiller or solar PV installation, including but not limited to those in large distribution hubs, waste from energy plants, hospitals, biomass plants, sporting arenas, sewage & wastewater treatment plants, restaurants, hotels and office blocks.

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Robust flat roof support system
    Our Strutfoot support system benefits include
  • Fast & economical systems for mounting M&E services, Solar PV panels, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration on flat roofs
  • Compatible with all Unistrut type strut products
  • Channel framework provides strength && convenience for cable management installation
  • Easy to adapt & extend to suit most installations and can be extended to any length
  • Non drill system - No penetration of the waterproof roof membrane
  • Services can be installed under units fast without penetrating roof membrane
  • Integrated anti vibration pad on the feet
  • Robust flat roof support system
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