Cab Hooks and Hangers

Our CAB Hooks and Hangers are ideal for both surface and underground mining applications, for heavy industrial plants, high level construction works and within ceiling spaces on large infrastructure projects. CAB Hooks and Hangers are manufactured from High Carbon spring steel and are all fully load tested to the recommended loads for each hanger. The High Carbon spring steel has a very high tensile strength and this is due to the higher levels of carbon in relation to iron, than in other types of steel. This higher carbon content provides greater overall strength in the finished product, so while other types of steel may have carbon content as low as 0.05%, our high carbon steel contains between 2% and 2.5% carbon for superior strength and load bearing capabilities.

cable hangers

The CAB Hooks and Hangers are all coated with an electric orange Plastisol coating to a thickness in excess of 2mm. This Plastisol coating is fire retardant, offers an extremely high dielectric strength (electrical insulation) and is totally UV stable. Plastisol doesn't conduct heat or electricity, it is also corrosion and wear-resistant, plus it's a tough material so impact or consistent interference will cause minimal damage.

The visually attractive nature of our CAB hooks and hangers with the highly visible orange colour finish, can also help increase safety with enhanced visibility for the cabling system.

Multi-Carrier Telewire Hooks
U-Hangers with Crossbars
Leaky Feeder Hux Hangers
    Our CAB Hooks and Hanger benefits include
  • High Durability & Longevity
    • One of the best reasons to use our hangers is their durability and longevity due to the High Carbon spring steel that is used and the Plastisol coating.
  • Chemical & Corrosion Resistance
    • The plastisol coating on our hangers is highly chemical resistant to a wide range of chemicals and compounds.
  • Electrical Resistance.
    • The dielectric strength of the plastisol coating rates around 400 Volts/0,025mm, making our hangers extremely well insulated and safe.
  • Impact & Abrasion Resistance.
    • Rubbery and flexible, the plastisol coating can withstand substantial impacts without fraying or cracking, thus providing our hangers with excellent resistance to any abrasion damage.
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance.
    • The Plastisol coating on our hangers is effective from about -35°C to about 150°C, ideal for heavy industrial plants, underground mines and solar farms.
  • Quick, Safe, Versatile, Cost Effective and Simple Installation.
    • The simple installation nature of our cable hangers makes them a fast, safe and cost-effective means of supporting your cabling infrastructure. Specifically in underground mining, high level industrial factories or just awkward to reach environments, the speed and ease of installing our cable hangers cannot be surpassed. Most times no power tools would be required for installation, making our hangers an ideal solution for sites where there is an erratic or non-existent electrical supply at the time of installation.
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