Safety Equipment

The CAB portfolio of mine safety products have helped miners to protect their lives whilst underground. Our CAB products are manufactured to rigid standards of quality and performance and are used in the most demanding above and below ground applications.

safety equipment
High Visibility Clip-On Markers
High Visibility Reflective Tubes
Durable and impact resistant for long life underground
    Our range of mine safety products include
  • Webbing Belts
  • Straps & Hangers
  • Vent Tube Hangers
  • Lifeline Hangers
  • Cable Rings & Saddles
  • Cable Pullers
  • CAB Lifeline
  • High Visibility Reflective Tubes
  • High Visibility Reflective Streamers
  • High Visibility Clip-On Markers
  • High Visibility Bags,
  • Pouches and Holders
  • Rescue Tag Lines
  • High Visibility Safety Apparel
  • Reflective Pipe and Cable Covers
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