GRP Support Solutions

Our GRP range of cable management products are ideal for any corrosive application, water treatment plants, both surface and underground mining projects, for heavy industrial plants, in chemical plants, Oil & Gas projects, coastal & marine applications, data centres, general building construction and solar PV installations. The Cable Management range of GRP Cable supports are manufactured from an advanced resin and fibreglass reinforcement. They have an extremely high resistance to corrosion and fire so will protect the cable infrastructure for many years. GRP will not rot, rust or embrittle when exposed to most chemicals, weather or sunlight. They are totally UV stable.

grp support solutions

As a material for carrying electrical cabling, GRP offers multiple benefits, putting it far ahead of other materials. GRP cable ladders and trays have a very specific and distinct advantage over the stainless steel and aluminium variants - the ability to resist corrosion. GRP shows far greater resistance and can withstand extreme conditions while staying intact. In addition, GRP is non-magnetic and does not need electrical grounding, unlike steel cable management products.

GRP cable support systems are also much lighter than similar steel-based products. This makes a significant difference when dealing with already heavy cable networks. The installation becomes much easier with less effort involved in moving, lifting, and supporting the cable ladders and trays around a construction site. This also brings down installation costs and is a safer installation due to these lighter products that have to be moved around a site. GRP is also know as FRP.

oil gas projects
coastal marine applications
heavy industrial plant
    Our GRP cable management product benefits include
  • Non-conductive & anti-static- Transparent to electromagnetic waves & reduces electromagnetic interference. No need for grounding.
  • Anti-corrosion. Far superior chemical resistance than stainless steel or aluminium products.
  • Superior strength. Can carry large loads over long spans.
  • Light weight in comparison to similar steel products, making them safer and easy to mount.
  • UV resistance making it ideal for outdoor applications, including Solar PV
  • Fire retardant - Formulations are halogen free.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Easy to install. No welding required, easy to cut and drill.
  • Long life span.
  • High performance in extreme weather - Thermal Insulation (-40°C | +180 °C)
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