Steel Cable Supports

Our steel cable management products are the traditional cable supports that are used across many industries. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative steel cable support systems which provide an easy and safe installation. This allows the installer to save time, which can result in significant cost savings on the project without affecting the safety and integrity of the installation. Our products are suitable for all commercial and industrial projects, from heavy mining & industrial applications through to simple office reticulation systems. We offer a complete cable support system specifically designed for arduous applications, with a product portfolio based on technical design innovations. With a variety of time saving features that make it quicker, safer and easier to complete the installation, our cable ladder ranges are the ultimate support system for any cable management application. Our cable ladders are designed to comply with all relevant international standards and specifications. Cable ladder systems and cable tray systems are intended to be utilized as supports for cables and not as walled in areas giving full mechanical assurance. They are not designed to be utilized as walkways for individuals as this could cause individual injury and potentially damage the framework.

steel cable supports

Our Cable Ladders are manufactured from sheet metal, forming a ladder type support with two side rails and evenly spaced slotted cross rungs. This allows easy accessibility to the cables, from the top or bottom and also the ability to secure cables to the ladder rungs by using clamps or cable strapping. The rungs are convenient anchors for tying down the cables in non-horizontal cable tray runs or where the positions of the cables must be maintained in the horizontal cable tray runs. Our comprehensive cable ladder range offers a cost-effective solution for light duty, medium duty and heavy duty horizontal or edge mount applications.

Our Cable Trays offer a variety of installation features, all of which are designed to shorten installation times whilst also reducing energy wastage on site. Our cable tray systems are suitable for tough industrial applications yet are aesthetically pleasing enough for any commercial application. From the light duty LT series right up to the HT 76 heavy duty series, we can provide the most comprehensive cable tray range available on the African market, including straight, return flange and wire mesh trays. The trays are designed to meet requirements of all relevant cable and data installations and comply with local and international standards. The cable tray ranges are available in various finishes and designs to suit all commercial and industrial applications, including HDG, Galv, Stainless Steel, Powder Coated and many other variants. Details available upon request.

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    Our Steel cable management product benefits include
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Low ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Available in various shapes and sizes
  • Good electrical shielding
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Wide range of accessories.
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